What is the ValueAble Leader Project?

Values help us make decisions, shape how we lead, who we lead, and what we choose to lead. The ValueAble Leader Project (VLP)  is a web-based app that helps us explore our values, identify those that are most important, and helps us consider how these values show up in our actions.

ValueAble leaders can identify and articulate their values. They understand how to recognize and honor others’ values. They make life choices and leadership choices that align with their values.

The ValueAble Leader Project is designed to help leaders identify their values and apply these values so they can make a positive difference in themselves and in the world around them.

Thanks to CCL's Partners

The Center for Creative Leadership would like to thank the following partners who helped bring this project to life: Oak Foundation, East Carolina University's STEPP Program, Eye to Eye National, Fayetteville State's Bronco STAR Program, MBizTools, Noble Academy of Greensboro, OCAD University’s Inclusive Design Research Centre, Purpose UX, and YouthBuild USA.

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